Frequently Asked Questions


All prospective tenants must fill out an application. Each application is screened and must be approved & you must be able to self-qualify or obtain a Guarantor to co-sign.

We operate in compliance with all Fair Housing Guidelines. After receiving an application we investigate rental / ownership history, credit report, criminal report and source of funds verification.

Once we have all pertinent information required (including payment for the Application Fee) we can fully process your application within 2 business days.

We will contact you, as soon as possible, to let you know that you have been approved and let you know the next steps.


We are always happy to show prospective residents our available units during office hours by setting up an appointment.

Please fill out the contact form on our “Contact Us” page, or email us at Admin@865East.com. Please note that we will attempt to work with your schedule, but the current residents must be notified and given sufficient notice, typically 24 hours, that their home will be shown.

Individual Leases

We offer individual leasing as opposed to joint leasing. Many complexes require residents to sign a single lease which binds all roommates to the total amount of rent. If one of your roommates struggles to pay or moves out early, the remaining residents would be responsible for making up the difference to avoid being penalized. With individual leasing, however, each tenant has their own lease and are only responsible for their portion of rent.

Please note: Individual leasing means that each tenant signs an agreement to pay separate rents for their own individual bedroom and bathroom, plus an equal share of the common areas. This means that your rent will not increase if your roommate moves out and you are not responsible for any damages in caused in bedrooms occupied by the other tenants, but all are equally responsible for damage done in the common areas of the unit.

Roommate Matching

Though we encourage new residents to select their own roommates, we understand that this isn’t always possible. If this is the case, just let us know and we will get paperwork to you to start the Roommate Matching process!

Fully-Furnished Units

865 East units are fully furnished! Each tenant will have a full-sized bed, end table, set of dressers, desk & desk chair, per bedroom. The living area comes with a comfortable couch, chair, coffee table, end table, entertainment center & tall table in dining space (except for 1-bedrooms). The kitchen comes fully equipped with energy efficient appliances, a refrigerator with icemaker, and dishwasher. Each unit has a washer & dryer closet in the common area.


Each monthly installment includes water, sewer, and trash pickup as well cable, high speed internet. Electric service is managed by the tenants within the unit (for more information refer to “Harrisonburg Electric Commission” FAQ).

Rent is paid in 12 equal installments for the lease term of 8/1-7/15. Leases are written for the total amount due for this time period with the 1st installment due on August 1st, and the last installment due on July 1st. This means, that there is no pro-rated rent for July Rent, as that has already been accounted for in the contract.

We accept payment via check, money order, or through the online system.

Rent is due on the 1st but we allow until the 5th at 5PM, for all payments to be made, before we assess late fees. Late Fees are assessed at 10% the total amount due.

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to “865 East, LLC” and we have an office located within the building (address is: 865 Port Republic Road, Harrisonburg, VA. 22801). Payments can be mailed directly to the office, or placed in the drop box located in front of the lobby office door.

Web Access Information

To access your account online, make a payment, or put in a service request, please log in via our Resident Portal.

To log in, use the username and password provided by the 865 East office. If you need additional assistance or do not know your username and password, please contact the office.


Phone: 1-888-889-5471
Website: www.comcast.com

When speaking with Comcast, please let them know that you are on a bulk account with 865 East. Any upgrades will be billed separately to the tenant.

Utility Deposit Assistance Program

Phone: 540-568-6071
Website: https://www.harrisonburgelectric.com/customers/jmu_students_udap

This is a utility program available to JMU students to help waive deposit fees associated with electric service. You’ll need to set this up prior to contacting Harrisonburg Electric Commission, to get your student contract for this waiver.

Harrisonburg Electric Commission

Phone: 540-434-5361
Website: www.harrisonburgelectric.com

Residents should have the electricity put into their own name at least 24 hours prior to the lease start date. If you are a JMU student, make sure to check out the UDAP program first, before contacting HEC.

Renter’s Insurance

865 East’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings. We suggest getting renter’s insurance for this reason and it is required per the lease. It is generally inexpensive and will cover your personal belongings if something were to happen.


You must pay for the upfront fees/deposit/1st installment of rent & return your signed guarantor form (if applicable), prior to the lease start date, in order to retrieve your key to move in.

Please plan accordingly and have the electric service set up prior to your lease start date in accordance with your lease or you will be assessed a $40 fine per person, per bill for this lease violation.

KAR Towing / Parking

Phone: 540-564-0131
Call this number if you are ever towed or need assistance with your vehicle.

865 East Towing Procedures: Per K.A.R Towing and 865 East The towing company will find and remove any vehicles, parked in a resident’s parking space that does not display a parking pass for 865 East with the corresponding parking space number. The pass should be displayed on the rearview mirror (even if your vehicle information is registered with our office, you MUST display a valid parking pass). The towing company will remove any vehicles with a resident’s parking pass that is parked in the commercial parking spaces (as stated in the Community Rules and Regulations, section 24j) or any vehicle parked for an extended period of time and does not appear to be a customer visiting a commercial space. 20-minute parking is used solely for short term use. Any parking in these spots for an excess of 20 minutes will be towed. 865 East will have limited guest parking passes to be used on the bottom tiers. These passes are issued on a day to day basis during office hours. The towing company will find and remove any vehicles parked on the sidewalk, double-parked, or taking up more than one space. The towing company will find and remove any vehicles that have an expired, altered, or duplicated parking pass. The small parking area near the 20-minute parking spaces belongs to Devon Lane Townhomes. Any 865 East resident/guests will be towed and 865 East has no control over their towing policies. Towing is strictly enforced.

Early Termination

All leases for 865 East are binding and cannot be broken; therefore, you would still be responsible for paying the remaining monthly installments even if you’re no longer living here. To avoid this, you would need to find someone to take over your lease, which we call “re-letting.” This person would need to qualify to sign the lease & complete the paperwork before the lease would be considered terminated.

There is a fee for this, equal to one month of rent.


We appreciate you being a part of our community! For a stress-free move out, please keep the following items in mind:

If you want to be present for the move out inspection, please notify your property manager at least 72 hours in advance of your lease end date to schedule the inspection. Everything must be moved out of the unit and any cleaning must be completed before inspection.

Return all keys to the office with your forwarding mail & email addresses. KEYS/FOBS/AND PARKING PASS MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THE LEASE END DATE. If they are not received within 10 days of your lease end date, you will be charged $250. If you return them later, the charge cannot be removed from your account.

Remove ALL personal belongings & trash. Anything left behind in your unit will be removed at your expense. Items cannot be left behind for future tenants unless approved by the incoming tenants AND your property manager. Items that were left behind by previous tenants are NOT part of the property and you are responsible for removing them unless other arrangements have been made. The dump fees will be charged to you also. Make sure you remove ALL items from your unit, including trash.

CLEAN! Pay close attention to the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and cabinets.

Your deposit may not be used to pay for your last month’s rent. The deposit release form will be mailed out 45 days after the END OF YOUR LEASE; not the date that you move out. The deposit release form will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide when turning in your keys, or your last known address. If necessary, we may send you an email that allows us 15 extra days to process your security deposit release.

Please make sure you clean all furniture and place it in the rooms in which it belongs before you leave. Any stains or damage will result in deductions from your deposit. Please understand you will be billed for replacement furniture.

Paint ONLY If You Can Do It Correctly: If we determine the walls were poorly painted, we will need to send professional painters to fix your handiwork.  Check with the Office for the correct paint color and where to find it.  Color changes, adhesives/decal wall damage, drywall damage, and large screw holes are a few examples of what is considered over & above reasonable wear/tear and what you can be charged for.

Check to make sure all light bulbs match and are working before you leave. If any have burned out upon our inspection, you will be charged for them. Make sure the replacement bulbs are identical to the light bulbs already present. If they are not identical to the bulbs in the unit then they will be replaced, and you will be billed for them.

Your electricity must stay on until your lease end date. Please do not turn them off if you decide to move out early. Per your lease, 865 East will add a fine of $40 per person to any bill that we process because the utilities were disconnected early.

Leaving food and personal items will add to the trash removal charge, this is something you can easily prevent, while giving back to the community at the same time! We suggest donating your unwanted food to Our Community Place (540-442-7727), you may drop off your unwanted food M-W 9am-2pm or Thursday 3pm-8pm. And your non-food items to Gift and Thrift (540-433-8844), the Salvation Army (540-433-8770) or Goodwill (540-434-6050).