865 East Emergency Phone Number:  540-746-1982

Web Access Information

To access your account online, make a payment or put in a service request, please follow the link below:


To login, use the username and password provided by the 865 East office. If you need additional assistance or do not know your username and password, please call the office 540-442-8885.


Comcast: 1-888-889-5471

When speaking with Comcast, please let them know that you are on a bulk account with 865 East. Any upgrades will be billed separately to the tenant.



Harrisonburg Electric Commission: 540-434-5361

Residents should have the electricity put into their own name at least 24 hours prior to the least start date.



Utility Deposit Assistance Program: 540-568-6071

This is a utility program available to JMU students. Call this number prior to calling Harrisonburg Electric Commission.


KAR Towing: 540-564-0131

Call this number if you are ever towed or need assistance with your vehicle.

865 East Towing Procedures: Per K.A.R Towing and 865 East

  • The towing company will find and remove any vehicles, parked in a resident’s parking space that does not display a parking pass for 865 East with the corresponding parking space number. The pass should be displayed on the rearview mirror (even if your vehicle information is registered with our office, you MUST display a valid parking pass).
  • The towing company will remove any vehicles with a resident’s parking pass that is parked in the commercial parking spaces (as stated in the Community Rules and Regulations, section 24j) or any vehicle parked for an extended period of time and does not appear to be a customer visiting a commercial space.
  • 20-minute parking is used solely for short term use. Any parking in these spots for an excess of 20 minutes will be towed.
  • 865 East will have limited guest parking passes to be used on the bottom tiers. These passes are issued on a day to day basis during office hours.
  • The towing company will find and remove any vehicles parked on the sidewalk, double parked, or taking up more than one space.
  • The towing company will find and remove any vehicles that have an expired, altered or duplicated parking pass.
  • The small parking area near the 20-minute parking spaces belongs to Devon Lane Townhomes. Any 865 East resident/guests will be towed and 865 East has no control over their towing policies.
  • Towing is strictly enforced.